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Powerplay: The Game Of The Gods
By Arcana
Commodore 64/128

Published in Computer Gamer #18

Powerplay: The Game Of The Gods

Powerplay is a fascinating mix of trivia, tactics and reflexes as players battle to become the wisest and strongest God of all.

The battle between the gods takes place on a squared board between warriors that begin the game in opposite corners of the arena.

Each turn a player selects one of his four warriors to move. But first he must answer a question with the category of question being decided by the colour of square he is on. The question can be one of about 2,000 questions from either general knowledge, sports and leisure, science and technology or history and geography categories. One of four possible answers is selected simply by pushing the joystick in the required direction. Get it right and you gain some useful energy points, usually around 10 per question although more can be earned for answering quickly. For every 25 points, your critters can mutate from lowly warriors (level 1) up through three stages until they become minataurs (level 4) then they simply amass more and more points, making them harder to kill.

Combat takes place whenever a piece tries to move onto a square occupied by an opponent and is resolved by a single question. First, to answer it correctly wins the challenge, the loser loses a level (level 1s are destroyed). Quite often these challenges are a race to select any answer as long as you get in first. But since entering the wrong answer can cost you the challenge, it might be an idea to give yourself a chance to at least read the question.

Considering it's supposed to be a trivia game, Powerplay features some superb graphics. The best being the 3D play arena and the way the warriors spin and mutate into their next level.

Powerplay takes trivia into the computer age, a feat that no other computer version has achieved. The others tend to hold your interest for a short while but then you'll surely return to the board game. Powerplay's gameplay and graphics will entice you to stay at least a little longer.