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Power Pack
By Audiogenic
Acorn Electron

Published in Electron User 4.05

The Electron Power Pack is a compilation of previously released Audiogenic hits with the occasional new game thrown in for good measure - seven games in all, recorded over both sides of two cassettes.

Space Agent Zelda Meets The Bug Eyes is the heroine of a very classy ladders game. Penetrate the ten levels of a space ship and destroy its generator before the ship reaches Earth.

Space Ranger is a small screen version of that minor arcade hit Lunar Rescue. Teams of astronauts are stranded at five different sites on the moon - your mission is to fly down through an asteroid storm, landing at each site in turn to rescue the men.

Bug Eyes 2 is one of my all-time favourites and uses the biggest, brightest sprites you've ever seen. Space agent Zelda has been captured by the bug-eyed aliens and incarcerated in the depths of a desolate asteroid: As agent Starman you search for the 25 keys needed to free her.

Caveman Capers follows the exploits of Ogg the caveman as he strives to master a new form of transport - turtle power. Riding an uncooperative turtle you leap over pot holes, avoid low-flying birds, duck beneath snakes hanging from trees and deduce how to jump the toadstools.

Ultron is a shoot-'em-up space game based loosely on the arcade game Gorph. As pilot of the Ultron space fighter you have to destroy three different waves of aliens before you come face to face with the mothership. Blast that and everything starts again but this time things are a little more hectic.

WIZZY'S MANSION is the tale of woe of a second rate wizard whose attic has been occupied by an unfriendly monster. The pages of his spell book are scattered throughout his mansion's fifty rooms, and without putting them together he can't cast a spell to banish his unwelcome guest. The graphics have received very little thought and the game soon becomes tedious.

Wongo is the bomb disposal expert assigned to defuse terrorist bombs that have been planted along the great wall of China. The game is a crude Hunchback clone in which you leap over cannon balls and avoid low flying arrows while trying to render the bombs harmless.

With the exception of the last two titles, all the software is of high quality and the package is excellent value for money.

Carol Barrow

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