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Potty Pigeon
By Gremlin
Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer Games #9

Potty Pigeon

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Potty Pigeon! This amazing piece of software is from Tony Crowther, who also wrote Loco, our July Game Of The Month, so its pedigree is well established.

The aim in Potty Pigeon is to fly over a busy road full of cars going in both directions while trying to pick up twigs that lie in the middle of the road.

When a twig is safely in your clasp, you must fly back to your nest and build it up by dropping the twig in it.

If all this sounds a little too easy then read on, for there are aeroplanes, frogs, weasels, balloons and nasty homing pigeons trying to stop you.

As an aid, you can release lethal 'dropping' on the cars for bonus points and stun the homing pigeons.

All the action takes place over six screen lengths of very smooth scrolling scenery which includes a castle, hills and dates, shops and a forest, all of which are beautifully defined.

As with Killer Watt (a previous Crowther game) control of the pigeon will take some time as once you start to move in one direction it'll keep moving until you apply thrust in the opposite direction. This ability to accelerate and decelerate so very smoothly makes Potty Pigeon very playable.

In all there are ten levels of play (0-9) with each new level bringing added hazards and faster play. Control is via joystick or keyboard, the keyboard option having a sensible layout.

This is a quality game that will keep you happily fluttering your wings for many an hour.