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Potty Painter
By Rabbit
Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #2

Potty Painter

Potty Painter is an 'Amidar' paint the squares copy with three screens. The screen is divided up into 24 rectangles, six columns of four shapes all defined by dotted tines. Each box contains a score figure, 100, 300 or 500 depending on its area. You must walk your monkey along the dotted lines until a square has been surrounded, when it changes colour and you get the points. As this is going on there are two nasties chasing you. On completing the screen the scene cuts to a bonus screen of grids where you must get a teddy bear, who slides downwards, to slide down the correct pole to his banana.

The third screen is very similar to the first except that you are a paint roller now and the chasers are two teddy bears. Another mean trick is that there is a time limit which eats away the value of the rectangles, so it's important to complete as many as you can in the least possible time. Completing this screen takes you back to the start screen again but with three chasers this time round. In some visual respects this game looks similar to Romik's Colour Clash.


Control keys: cursors, or user-definable, 4 directions required
Joystick: AGF, Protek
Keyboard play: responsive
Colour: reasonable
Graphics: average to good
Sound: poor
Skill levels: gets harder each round
Lives: 5

Comment 1

Potty Painter

'This isn't a particularly attractive looking game, although that is more the fault of the game type than the program, which uses a nice mix of colours. Just that the dotted lines tend to make it look like a job centre form to fill out! Overall I found it very playable, but it would have been better if there had been some speed selections, which might have given It a longer life; and some sound would have helped.'

Comment 2

'The game is a fair copy of the original, with reasonable graphics, the nasties especially so. The sound is rather sparse, just a beep when you're caught. The game is mildly addictive, it's not original, but if you like arcade copies, then it is adequate.'

Comment 3

'For someone who has never played this type of game in the arcades, I think it would have been better to say more about it in the inlay than it actually does. On the whole I thought this was a reasonable copy of what is now a fairly old arcade game - not bad, not wonderful either. The user-definable keys are a great help.'

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