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Postman's Knock
By Lizard Games

Published in Home Computing Weekly #45

The documentation for this odd game is quite detailed, if unlikely to survive the usual wear and tear of being handled frequently.

I always thought that Postman's Knock was an excuse for mass lechery, but not so.

I assume that the 'knock' in the title refers to the noise of your bike as it invariably hits a tree, but I could be wrong.

The aim is to boldly go and deliver some letters by obliterating the houses to which you deliver, followed by a trip round the postboxes collecting further letters.

You have to land on the postboxes in order to collect the post, which probably won't do the bike much good. Then you're off to deliver the post to the Post Office with a subsequent parcel collection thrown in for good measure.

You are awarded so many points for landing on the right items at the right time, and have them deducted if you don't hit the right things. It is all too easy to compile a negative score by playing chicken with the trees.

The game format is very similar to that of Ski-run-type programs, but it has sufficient additional elements to make it quite amusing - if you have the right sense of humour.


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