Pooyan (Datasoft) Review | Computer & Video Games - Everygamegoing


By Datasoft
Atari 400/800

Published in Computer & Video Games #26


I sometimes wonder how much computer programmers and designers drink! Judging by the weird themes and ideas in most computer games these days, it must be quite a lot.

Pooyan is definitely one of a new wave of "imaginative" games. Well, I'd certainly call parachuting wolves different.

The intrepid wolves leap from a treetop opposite Pooyan, in an attempt to glide down to the ground.

You control Pooyan who sits in a basket dangling by a rope from a cliff top. Your job is to burst the helium balloons the wolves are using, with your trusty bow and arrow, to protect Pooyan's family of piglets.

The wolves aren't defenceless although they will occasionally launch a volley of acorns at Pooyan's basket.

If you let any of the wolves reach the ground, they'll climb the ladder next to the rope and try to bite it in half.

Another line of attack you can employ is the magic arrow. This appears at the top of the cliff and disappears rapidly too if you don't get to it quickly. This arrow is much more powerful than usual and can kill several at a time. However, it becomes much more difficult in later sheets to collect it as there can be anything up to ten wolves trying to bite the rope.

The first level is completed once you have killed 32 wolves. The next level takes in the Wolves' Lair. The beasts have changed direction and are now being lifted to the top of the cliff. If more than seven reach the top they'll push a rock over the edge which makes a very nasty mess of Pooyan.

I can find absolutely nothing to criticise in Pooyan. The graphics have to rate as one of the best available for the Atari. The game is very playable and addictive. All Atari owners should make an effort to look at Datasoft's Pooyan.