Police Patrol Quiz

Author: Rosetta McLeod
Publisher: Flexibase
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #56

Police Patrol 1

FLEXIBASE'S SECOND program invites the user to assume the role of a patrolling constable who comes across a series of problems. The computer chooses five questions from a bank of over seventy on crime prevention, road safety and general policing.

The constable might come across a house with newspapers in the letter box and bottles of milk on the doorstep. The decision has then to be taken whether he ought to push the papers through the letter box, place the milk in a fridge, or ask about the occupant. A range of different problems are covered, and if the user answers successfully a picture of the Neighbourhood Watch Group is displayed. At the end, a total score and assessment is given, together with the message


The colour and graphics in this program are quite attractive, but the sound effects tend to be uncontrollably irritating. Like Magpie, Police Patrol is priced at £5.00.

Rosetta McLeod

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