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Dave E

Pole Position
By Gce

Published in Computer & Video Games #30

Pole Position

Atari's Pole Position must be one of my all time favourite arcade games - and now this ace racing game has been recreated on the Vectrex machine.

Although the Vector graphics can't reproduce the fine detail of the original, this Vectrex cartridge has a good try. The massive Mount Fuji looms large over the race track as you attempt to qualify for a place in the Vectrex Grand Prix. Your Formula One race car looks good and there's a nice 3D-style effect when you turn corners in pursuit of the other racers.

The Vectrex version even includes the signposts at the side of the track which were an attractive feature of the original.

Game action is fast and the controls are quite simple. You use the joystick to guide your car and two buttons on the controller are used to change gear - essential for a quick time around the track. Two more buttons put the power down!

The screen score read-outs are identical to the original arcade version. You are told what gear you are in, what your score is, how much time you have left to qualify or race, your speed and elapsed time.

You get 120 seconds to complete your qualifying lap. But be warned, you need to get a really fast time to qualify for the Vectrex Grand Prix proper. If you qualify, you get ninety seconds to complete the first race lap and if you manage this you'll get 60 seconds to complete the second, third and fourth laps.

Gameplay continues until you fail to complete a lap in the time allowed or when you have completed all four race laps. If you manage to finish the race, you'll earn a 200 point bonus for each second remaining on the countdown clock.

There is a high score feature included in the game - so although Pole Position is a one player game, you'll be able to challenge your friends!

I'm not sure if Pole Position is as good as the other Vectrex racing game already available, Hyper Chase, but if you like racing games - and Pole Position in particular - you won't be disappointed with this new Vectrex offering. Pole Position is available now and will set you back £29.95.

A great game for motor racing fans. But we don't think it's quite as good as Vectrex's own Hyperchase.