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Home Computing Weekly

Plutonium Plunder
By Micro Power
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #88

If you are the kind of games player who likes to show off your lightning reflexes, your planning and foresight then this could be quite a treat for you.

This game is just a little too hard and fast with rather too much happening at once. It starts in a familiar way with a number of blocks to move around or crush while you are pursued by four angry gnomes. The instructions suggest you should first get rid of them and I concur; crushing them with a block is the most effective method.

After this you must move three radioactive cannisters around the screen and through a gap into a pen. Unfortunately, there is a gate across the gap to slow you down and time is of the essence. If you take too long the number of blocks starts to multiply at an alarming rate. Any further dilly-dallying causes the walls containing the "nuclids" to break down and the "megapods" to appear, at which point life becomes rather a transitory experience.

Good graphics and ideas but just too much, for me at least.