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Plegaron People Eaters
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #34

This game requires both forward planning and quick reactions if you want to stay alive.

You are being pursued by the beasts of the title, and the only method of escape is to trap them in such a way that they cannot move in any direction.

The material you need to do this is scattered around the floor in the guise of bricks which you can push around into the position you desire.

Plegaron People Eaters

Therefore attention has to be divided. On the one hand, you are trying to build a trap, on the other, you are trying to lure the creatures into the trap, all the while avoiding them and their voracious appetites.

The graphics are a little on the crude side with unimaginative use of colour, but are about average for a Basic game like this.

Play is reasonably fast. You can choose several levels of difficulty but the sound effects can only be described as intrusive and lacking in imagination.

The game is reasonably addictive, but is by no means up to the standards set by the arcade games you see today.

Overall, quite enjoyable but uninspiring.


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