Acorn User

Play It Again Sam 15

Author: Mat Tizard
Publisher: Superior/Acornsoft
Machine: BBC/Electron

Published in Acorn User #110

The latest Beeb compilation from Superior contains two recent blasts from the past, one old chestnut and an excellent new title called Cyborg Warriors.

The Last Ninja 2 boasts an enormous playing area set over several parts of downtown New York, and the war against drugs is the ninja's mission. The game was coded by Peter Scott, who wrote the rather elderly Network which is also included. This is an amusing levels and platforms affair, full of cuddly aliens, and has remarkably fine gameplay for a game of early-80s, fledgling Scott, vintage.

The new game, Cyborg Warriors, is a real treat for all you trigger-happy shoot-'em-up fanatics. You just fly along through the sideways-scrolling backdrop knocking merry hell out of everyone and everything that stands in your way.

The background has five planes of silky-smooth parallax, and it gives you a real feeling of depth as you progress through the eight different thematic levels, which range widely from forest and desert scenes to a future city and a volcanic landscape.

The game also incorporates, without a hint of flicker, large, multi-segmented, lobster-like adversaries while sustaining the background movement. Tokens can be collected to beweapon yourself beyond a standard laser, and if you have a joystick you can play with a friend. Overall, this is one of the best SAMs so far.

Mat Tizard

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