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Play It Again Sam
By Mastertronic Added Dimension
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Sinclair User #71

Play It Again, Sam

OK bud, here's the lowdown on the lowlife. You are-a da Sam Spoon, PI. So, dere ya are, moping in yer office, when in walks dis dame who asks yer to find her sista. She leaves yer wid notin' but an envelope wid an address on it. So, what-a yer gonna do?

The rest is up to you in this offering from the Mastertronic adventure stable. It's certainly involving and moves along at quite a pace. Descriptions are long and detailed with even the smallest action like opening a drawer resulting in yet another long description! These are atmospheric and well complemented by the graphics that pop up occasionally... stills from dick movies. The parser is good, with a wide vocabulary, but can be frustrating. All together, one of today's better budget adventures.

Overall Summary

Enjoyable cheapie with good story and vocabulary. A worthwhile investment.

Tony Dillon