Personal Compuer Games

By Virgin Games
BBC Model B

Published in Personal Computer Games #3


Here we have Scaffolding Sid, who after erecting the planks on the building he is working on, finds that they have gone berserk.

The planks are lifting him to the top of the screen, and you have to make Sid jump from plank to plank without him falling off the bottom, either edge, or being crushed on the top.

If that wasn't enough, the planks have a strange effect. If Sid lands on white planks, he slides to the left. If he lands on magenta planks, he slides to the right, If he lands on a flashing plank, he falls right through!


Not only that, but there is a monster after Sid which can only be killed if it, too, falls off the bottom or edge of the screen.

The keyboard is used to move Sid about, and this is one game which should have had a joystick option.

The sound in Plankwalk adds to the game tremendously. The best way to describe it is as a constant plinkering sound, with other effects thrown in when you land on planks, blocks, and so on.

Alas, the graphics are not so good. The planks are really lines, and Sid is no more than a puny match-stick man. The scaffolding and surrounds don't look like any building I have seen (the Barbican being the exception), and the imagination has to work overtime.

Virgin have almost got it right with Plankwalk, but the big disappointment is the poor graphics, which, if improved, would give them a guaranteed winner. Highly recommended.


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