Home Computing Weekly

By Virgin Games
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #43

Reviewing Plankwalk was very difficult. It isn't outstanding, not is it obviously poor quality. It just seems rather indifferent.

The action takes place on the scaffolding at a building site, where Sid is being chased by a monster (the foreman?) and has to leap from plank to plank to survive.

There are special concrete blocks to earn Sid points and some planks act as though they slope, though strangely they are drawn straight.


If that is not enough, some planks are false and poor Sid falls straight through them. Presumably dry rot! There are cherries to be eaten too.

Controls enable Sid to move left and right, jump and run fast. The cherries must be eaten slowly, while the monster can be killed by running at him very fast, consequently the pace of the game can change quickly.

There are several other trimmings, like power towers to give Sid his strength back.

The graphics are adequate but not particular impressive. The black monster is hard to see at times.

I didn't enjoy this game though it is hard to define why.


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