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Plan B2
By Bug Byte

Published in Acorn User #069

When A Plan Comes Together

Plan B2 is a new game from Bug Byte - the follow up to Plan B. You are back in charge of a cute little R2D2 clone. Your job, to explore the Togrian computer complex, and destroy the computer parts within it. This is not an easy task because you have security robots trying to stop you at any cost. I haven't managed it yet, but I keep going back for another try. I looked at the Electron version, but the game is exactly the same as the one on the BBC Micro.

Plan B2 is controlled using the keyboard and the controls are easy to master, but unfortunately there is no joystick option. You start the game in the teleporter room, where there is a barrier you can shoot down. When you are playing the game you collect the keys that you find lying around, which can be used to open doors in the complex.

You only have one life, but you do have some shields to protect you. If you collide with robots patrolling the area or one of their laser blasts hits you, then your shields are slowly drained. You may also run out of ammunition, but you can replenish your stocks as you go through the game. If you collect oil cans or spanners they will regenerate your shields.

Like its predecessor, Plan B2 is a black-and-white only game, due to the BBC Micro's lack of memory. But it does have big sprites which are very detailed and the sprite movement is quite smooth even on the Electron version. Unlike many games these days, there's no music, but the remaining sound effects are good, realistic 'explosion' noises.

The game was programmed by Andrew Foord and it should do well. It is available for the BBC B, Master and Electron and at only £1.99 it is very good value for money. I liked it.

Richard Cusack