Ping Pong

Publisher: The Hit Squad
Machine: Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Computer & Video Games #99

Ping Pong

Converted from the Konami arcade machine of the same name, one or two table tennis addicts take part in this 3D battle of the balls. Each player controls a ping-pong bat, situated at each end of the table, the aim being simply to hit the all and attempt to make your opponent miss. Tournaments last for three games, the winner of game being the first person to score eleven points.

With a variety of different shots available to the budding mini-Becker, Ping Pong is a cheap and cheerful little number which will warm the cockles of every sports sim addict's heart.


Fast bat 'n ball action for one or two players, Ping Pong makes for addictive sporting excitement on the little screen - a lot better than watching the snooker!


Absolutely no difference between this and C64 Ping Pong. Buy it - it's brill.


Apart from a loss of colour, this Spectrum version is as good as the C64 game - if you're a fan, don't hesitate in saying "this one please" to the shopkeeper.