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Home Computing Weekly

Pinball Arcade
By Kansas City Systems
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #36

If you are a real pinball wizard, then this program will certainly help tune-up those flipper fingers. Not only can you play a mean game but you can actually design the table yourself.

The instructions look rather shoddy but they are quite adequate.

Setting up a new table involves picking up various shapes, representing the bumpers and buzzers, and placing them anywhere on the table. The selection of shapes is impressive.

The score for each bumper and the tilt of the table can be selected together with the strength of the flippers.

Control of the program, except the actual play, is achieved with the cursor keys and the space bar - absolute child's play.

The play itself uses two keys for the flippers and the space bar to compress the string - the longer the space bar is held, the stronger the spring. The action is fast and furious with very realistic sound effects and good graphics.

Naturally, the highest score is retained, and the whole table can be saved though the score is then lost. Unfortunately, you cannot choose the name of the saved datafile.