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Sinclair User

By Bug Byte
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #72


Piggy needs help in his bid to build a house, the blurb tells you, so naturally he turns into a rabbit. Or is it a teddy? It's really hard to tell. Yes in this atrocity you are a piggybunnyteddysaurus who has to complete the third part of the story of the three pigs by building a brick house.

The game is flip screen, with each screen looking like a scaled down version of Feud, except that the graphics aren't as good. In fact, the graphics aren't good at all. Snails that are only recognisable as snails because they are twice as big as frail old ladies and travel faster than most light aircraft, such as Concorde. The main character exceptionally bad, albeit totally unrecognisable. The animation is flickery and the controls are slow and unresponsive.

Need I say more?

Overall Summary

How someone could even hope to get away with this trash is beyond me...! It's terrible!

Tony Dillon