By Domark
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Crash #71


After the success of the Trivial Pursuit games, Domark now launch Pictionary, another board game adaptation with a choice of one to four player modes or, for party occasions, up to four teams. As the title might suggest, this is a 'guess the picture's meaning/draw a word' game.

The game can be played two ways: on your tod with the computer drawing the clues for you to guess, or in team mode with one person as artist with the team mates guessing. A board appears with squares in five colours representing five subject categories, People, Object, Action, Difficult and All Player. Whichever mode you're playing you start by clicking the cursor on the 'box of cards' icon top right of the screen.

The computer picks a question and that corresponds to the square you are currently on, for example Object. If the computer is the artist it will draw the subject for you to guess. if you're the budding Picasso a code number appears and you must consult one of the subject cards included in the pack and decide how to get the word across on screen using Pictionary's graphics package. It's been specially designed for ease of use, but obviously at the mercy of your talents! Try getting St Tropez across in pictures...


When on your own, and you think you've divined what the computer is drawing, you may check how right you've been by tapping the space bar to get the answer. You're then asked by the computer whether you answered correctly (and no cheating). If yes, a die is thrown and your 'counter' is moved around the board - and another round begins. Answer wrongly when in a team and control of the board goes to the next team/player.

The graphics package on this game maybe foolproof, but my artistic talents weren't up to it. But despite this I greatly enjoyed playing Pictionary, although playing in a group is recommended for maximum fun. Laughing at other people's drawing efforts distracts from one's own deficiencies. The game is very colourful and the graphics package only limited by the user's imagination. Buy it if you're into jolly collective fun amongst friends, it's ideal for Christmas!

MARK ... 86%

Nick ... 78%

'This is great fun. You can spend hours just sitting and watching the computer draw different phrases, play with your friends or have a go at drawing yourself. Playing with friends is the best because you can have a good laugh at their drawings. The idea behind the game is a simple but totally addictive one. There have been mixed views about Pictionary in the Towers (Mel from art department thinks its rubbish because you can't shoot anything!), but I like it and I recommend it to anyone. Good wholesome family fun!'

Mark CaswellNick Roberts

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