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Sinclair User

By Automata
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #10



PIMANIA is a fascinating adventure game which has the added compulsion of a prize offered by the manufacturer to the first person who reaches the end of it.

The idea is to pass through a series of Pi-gates which exist in different places in space and time and eventually to find the place in space and time where the Golden Sundial, the prize, has been hidden.

To start the game the players must push the proper key on the keyboard. When first confronted with the task, the problems facing the adventurer seem impassable but the answers are so easy. In fact, it takes a child's mind to determine some of the clues.

The graphics are excellent and the Pi-man, a little cartoon character who can help or hinder the player, is an amusing and brilliant creation.

Some people may not buy the game because they think that when the competition is over the game will no longer be fun. That is not true, as it has many twists and turns before the final answer is found. Locating most of them will take months.

It is the best adventure game we have reviewed for the 48K Spectrum and 16K ZX-81. It is available from Automata Cartography-Ltd, 65a Osborne Road, Southsea, PO5 3LR, and costs £10.