Physics (Pan Course Tutors) Review | Crash - Everygamegoing


By Pan
Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #29


Mechanics, Heat. Optics, Waves and Sound, Electricity, and Atomic Physics are the topic areas covered in the Diagnostic Tests. The Learning Module programs are subdivided into 23 sections beginning with Equate ions of Motion and ending with Radioactivity. The depth of knowledge covered in this package is quite impressive, with the questions being particularly well-constructed. The Study Aids booklet is well-written, with PHYSICS the information presented in a clear and concise manner Again, the Hints section of the screen display refers the user to the appropriate page in the booklet for help. Physics is now such a vast subject that no exam syllabus covers more than a small pan oft. A student using this package would certainly need the advice of a teacher as to the sections which are relevant for the particular course being followed. The section Preparing for the Examination in the booklet, which gives helpful tips on tackling a Physics exam, should be essential reading.


For the serious student, these packages represent superb value for money. What they are most definitely not, is a short-cut for the less able. The fact that each Course Tutor covers such a wealth of information may cause problems to the student who is unsure about the precise requirements of the exam syllabus being followed, but an approach to the teacher would resolve this problem. The producers of these programs have avoided any temptation to include gimmicks or unnecessary graphics to give them more mass appeal, and a great deal of thought has gone into their preparation. Their main advantage lies in the way the computer is used to test understanding and pinpoint areas of weakness, to provide personal tuition based on the Diagnostic Test results, and to give practice in answering examination questions. As examples of truly interactive learning they are impressive indeed.

Rosetta McLeod