Physics (Letts) Review | Crash - Everygamegoing


By Letts
Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #26


The 10 programs in this suite cover topics such as motion, electricity, magnetism, waves, light, heat and radioactivity. A diagnostic section in the first program provides 40 questions, and the computer then reviews the responses and suggests a method of study. The questions can also be attempted under test conditions, and at the end the score and time taken are shown, together with the number of incorrectly answered questions.

Relationships, the program which covers a variety of equations, is rather boring, but then some aspects of studying are boring! The two Motion programs use attractive graphics to convey information on speed, velocity, acceleration, force, power, momentum and so on, while Light deals with reflection, refraction and defects of the eye.

Radio simulates a range of experiments on radioactivity, but the selection and manoeuvrability of the elements in the detection experiment are rather slow. The Rutherford experiment shows very little, and omits one of its fundamental results the back scattering of alpha particles. Waves and Elect 2 are multiple choice programs in which the computer provides a hint if the first answer is incorrect. Elect 1 uses a water model to help the student to understand current electricity, while Heat simulates heating and cooling experiments.

Once again, a great deal of ground is covered in this package, and good use is made of screen graphics. The student would find the test sections of particular use.

CONTROL KEYS: Apart from the problems in the Chemistry suite, the control keys are clearly explained and are easy to use. KEYBOARD PLAY: Very responsive USE of COLOUR: Simple but clear. GRAPHICS: Used to good effect

Rosetta McLeod