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Home Computing Weekly

Phase 4
By Channel 8
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #92

Watch out aliens, here we go again, The scenario is irritatingly familiar - you control a space ship and must kill a pre-determined number of nasties per screen, the actual number increasing with higher levels.

The flavour of the screens varies nicely. Screens two and three are probably the easiest and use vertical and horizontal scrolling. Screens one and four are positively hairy. Whilst the view is static, you are attacked by aliens using a variety of tactics - some bomb, some shoot and some simply home in.

You have the options of smart bombs, guided missiles and shields. Once you have cleared screen four it's back to the beginning with double the nasties.

The game is graphically good with smooth scrolling, neat design and nice twinkling stars. The sound became rather irritating being similar to a drain gurgling. Although the game has a certain appeal, I became rapidly bored. By all means, give this game the once over, but play it before deciding.