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Phantom Club
By Ocean
Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #25

Phantom Club

You have to be careful which clubs you join these days. Phantom Club is not a club to be recommended in more ways than one. Plutus, our hero, joined up and before he knew it, all the other members - a bunch of superheroes - had fallen under the evil influence of their wicked leader, leaving Plutus to restore order by reaching the rank of Ipsisimus. For good to triumph over evil he has to complete ten perilous missions in the Phantom Club HQ. (Should have joined the Kit-Kat Club Ed).

The game opens to a rather rough rendition of The Antiques Road Show theme tune (Two million pounds? But I only paid 50p for it! Ed) and then you get a touch of deja vu. The highly detailed Filmation-type graphics will remind you of Movie because both games were written by the same chap. The graphics are definitely the strong point and judging by the sheer quantity of different sprites, objects and backgrounds, they must occupy vast amounts of memory.

But your task is pretty awesome, if not tedious. To begin one of the missions you've got to knock up at least 40,000 points by shooting super-heroes and picking up bonuses, but as each baddy only collects 50 points when dead, it might take you 'til Xmas next year. The trouble with Phantom Club is that once you've been everywhere and done everything there isn't much left to tickle your fancy. You can while away the time by filling baddies with psychic bolts or drawing maps (there are over 550 rooms) but the novelty soon wears off.

If you want a lot of chocolate on your biccies, don't join this club.

Graphically good, but otherwise rather bo-o-oring. Only superheroes need apply.

Jonathan Davies

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