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Personal Bank Account Management
By Micromega
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #16

Nicely packaged and presented, this product comes with an excellent 17-page user's guide which clearly explains how the system works.

On loading the tape you find that the files already contain a fictitious account in the name of some chap called Clive Sinclair. I can't help feeling they missed a few Euros off the final balance. It's helpful to play with the example entries to get a feel for the operation prior to entering your own data.

The system holds 160 transactions and up to 10 standing orders, and tables, for me, would comfortably hold a complete annual bank statement.

The operation is handled through a menu and is both simple to use and virtually impossible to crash.

It also has facilities which allow searching the data files by cheque number, details, etc, and reconciling the computer entries with your actual bank statement.

The reconciliation feature reports any discrepancies between the computer's version and the bank's version. If you've been accurate with your data entry, you might find a bank error in your favour which recoups the original price of the software.

This software is professionally written and bug-free and will appeal to users wanting to apply their micros to do a real job of work.


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