Home Computing Weekly

By Microdeal
Atari 400/800/600XL/800XL/130XE

Published in Home Computing Weekly #67

A novel idea sees Willy the penguin protecting himself and his home from mutant sealions. Willy's house is constructed of blocks of ice which he can use when under siege from the sea-lions. By kicking an ice block in the direction of an advancing sea-lion, the intruder is sent flying and crushed between the ice blocks.

Willy must run up as high a score as possible by walking over the ice blocks, killing all the sea-lions in the process, and position three magic ice blocks in a straight line. Then you advance to level two. Here, the sea-lions move a little faster until by level five the game is almost impossible to play as the sea-lions appear much more and travel around the ice blocks at high speed.

The graphics are excellent, particularly Willy who is as similar to a penguin as he could be. A pause facility is also included which helps with an irritating telephone call threatens to call a halt to a potential high score. This is definitely a fast action game with a lot of fun!


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