Home Computing Weekly


Author: M.B.
Publisher: Visions
Machine: BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #67

This is similar to the good old arcade game Pengo. If you have never heard of this game, here is a brief description. You are a cute little penguin, locked in a freezer with those horrid, lethal snow beeds. Your only hope of survival is by being a vicious little penguin and kicking ice blocks at any of the three snow bees. You can also electrify the perimeter of the freezer so that any snow bees standing close to the wall get a momentary shock, which will turn into a nasty shock if you finish him off by trampling over him.

Visions has produced a faithful version of the arcade original, with many extra features, such as defining your own keys, sound on and off options, and the practice mode, which allows you to play the game without dying.

This must be the best version of Pengo currently available for the BBC Micro. The added extras and features give this game a really professional finish.


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