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Home Computing Weekly

By Imagine
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #57

Poor old Pedro has no time for a siesta in this entertaining and novel game. His garden is under attack by all sorts of malicious Mexican meanies intent on scrumping his prize blooms.

Pedro bustles around, trying desperately to protect his little plot from the likes of red ants and huge blue rats, and the only way to rid the allotment of these unwelcome visitors is to stomp on them with your sandals. At the same time Pedro must replace munched magnolias and try to brick up the garden entrances. Occasionally, a shabby tramp slinks into the garden and makes a dash for Pedro's box of seeds - and must be chased off.

Sounds hectic? It is, and is very difficult. The villainous vermin scurry about under your feet, making it very difficult to stamp on them. For me, the third screen is the hardest: I simple cannot bring myself to squash the gorgeous little bunny rabbits. Perhaps this is why I usually come to an early end, to be greeted by full overtures of excellent music.

Pedro is a very good game, but not the best I have seen from the Imagine stable.


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