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Home Computing Weekly

PCW Games Collection
By Century
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #93

This is a collection of twenty BASIC games which were first published in the Personal Computer World magazine.

There are of course, some very interesting programs published in computing magazines, and a lot of not very interesting ones, according to your tastes. To judge from readers letters, and published amendments to the programs, not all of them work first time, for a variety of reasons. However you are assured by the publishers that all the programs on this tape do work.

mentioned, there is a companion book to this tape. This apparently gives all the program listings, and programming techniques used in the games. For someone new to home computing and BASIC the two together could be of help.

As for the actual games on the tape they are what you would expect. All of them the brain child of some budding programmer, but none of them good enough to be published on their own.

The assessment below is for the tape as a whole, and not for any individual game.


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