Home Computing Weekly

PCW Games Collection

Author: M.W.
Publisher: Century
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #98

This is a package of 20 programs, all of which have been published in Personal Computing World and are now presented on this cassette and in a book of the same name.

The games range from innovative, through copies of old favourites, to boring. Side 1, game 1, is a Rubik cube game which I found so difficult that I soon moved on. Also on this side were two word games, one a wordsearch puzzle and the other a solution to wordsearch puzzles. There are also shoot-the-alien games, land the space ship and maze games for you to try. Old favourites include a fairly good version of Monopoly, an Othello and Gomoku, which is a five-in-a-row noughts and crosses.

Both sides are crammed with games so everyone should be able to find something to their taste; mine were a version of Yahtzee, a dice game, and a new game called Splash. This game involved changing the colours of squares and eventually laying claim to them.