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Home Computing Weekly

By Artic Computing
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #119

I loved this, but as I like cats I might be biased. A superb feline loading screen leads to an arcade adventure which casts you as Selwyn the cat, searching for your 10 lost kittens in rooms, streets, mazes and parkland.

Naturally. you have nine lives I Scattered around the 100 screen playing area is a supply of food. different things give you varying amounts of stamina and energy, both of which you are going to need. ThaI'S because Bullydog Billy and his mates are after you! They roam the streets making for the den. and when 24 of them have arrived it's the end for you. There are three varieties of dog each more evil than the last, who join together given the chance. Your only chance is to fight and beat them, very energy consuming, or fire fluff balls at them, though you can distract them with small purple piles of "catoplectic" energy - looks smelly!

The graphics, though making no attempt at 3-0, range from charming - Selwyn carrying his kittens - to stunning - in the park and woodland areas. Some of the best I've seen in multi-colour. with an amazing lack of attribute problems. Very, very smooth movement. Sound is there too. Better still. there's a complete map with scanners on call so you don't wander blindly, full facility for all joysticks - though Selwyn is sometimes hard to steer - and a save game option. Addictive and great fun; don't miss this one.


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