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Home Computing Weekly

Paranoid Pete
By Ubik Software
BBC B/B+/Master 128

Published in Home Computing Weekly #79

Now this really *is* original. A game to play at the breakfast table whilst eating your 'Wheatiebiscs'. You had better eat them quickly - for there is a growing shortage of wheat which means that no more breakfast cereal can be produced.

The solution: send one of the 'Wheatiebiskers' off to another fertile planet with lots of wheat seeds and get the wheat growing there. Even better! Send a full factory and just get the full packets back to Earth.

So off you go to assist the little man only to discover that the planet is inhabited by 'Wibblies' who wobble you to death. Armed with only a spade, used to dig the holes for the seeds, and to kill the wibblies, you h;ave to produce as much breakfast cereal as possible. I find that waiting for the seeds to grow is almost as boring as gardening itself but there are plenty of aliens to bash.

A good and interesting game with smashing graphics. It only lacks in variation, the different levels usually leading to more of the same rather than great changes of concept.


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