Amstrad Action

By Firebird
Amstrad CPC464/664/6128

Published in Amstrad Action #22


Yet another bouncing game, this time from Firebird. You must guide - or rather, bounce - Bruce, the spring, across a three-dimensional grid. The only other information you'll get in this paragraph is that collecting and avoiding are major features of the game.

No title screen or introductory music. Straight into the game. A grid springs (sorry) to view. You must choose one of the squares on it. This will take you to a particular level - of which there are 36.

Each level is made up of a combination of squares. The squares make an overall pattern and are not necessarily the same height. On top of each square is a thing that gives the square a certain property: no-trouble-thing, direction changers, round ejection disks. Bruce must also avoid a variety of moving guards. They come in a host of shapes and sizes, but all have the save devastating effect: they kill.


Graphically Parabola is superb: good use of colour and detail. Stippling is used to give the impression of more colours than are actually present. Sound is raspy and tinny - best turned down, in fact.

When you see Bruce madly hopping up and down, guide him across the level. Avoid the moving guards and the ejection disks; otherwise, when he touches down he'll shatter - nice effect, except it happens too frequently. Of course there is an object to it all: land on rotating energy disks and proceed to the exit square. Then you move to the next level. Each level is significantly different and calls for new tactics.

Parabola is he bouncing theme seen in a new light - fun for a sum that won't break your bank.

Second Opinion


A novel little bouncing game that's well worth a couple of quid. The screens tend to get a bit repetitive, but some are quite tough. You can spend a pleasant few hours with this one and not feel you've wasted your money.

Green Screen View

Good choice of colours to make things visible.

First Day Target Score

Complete three levels.


Graphics 67%
P. Good-looking and detailed.
P. Nice spring animation.

Sonics 34%
N. Squeaks and boings.

Grab Factor 59%
P. Rather a simple and tired concept.

Staying Power 67%
P. Addictive, will keep you at it.
P. Tough levels.

Overall 63%
A good bounce for £2.


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