Publisher: Ariolasoft
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer & Video Games #51


It's a far cry from adventures to an all-out "total destruction" shoot-'em-up. But the RamJam Corporation have taken that big leap for programmers - and come up with a winner!

RamJam are better known for that devious and amusing adventure Valkyrie 17. The tutonic flavour remains in Panzadrome - but in name only. The game goes like this...

You find yourself in control of a Hel-Tek robo tank deep inside the enemy Panzadrome. Your job is very simple. Get out there and destroy the 25 reactors dotted around the enemy city.


Once you've loaded the game you see a blueprint of the bits of your tank with a technical specification below it. The computer sticks all the bits together for you and then it's out onto the battlefield.

Your first task is to find the Polycrete plant. Without a Polycrete module on your tank you can easily get trapped. Craters appear when you get shot at when you destroy an enemy tank - and you can't cross them unless you've got some polycrete on board to fill the hote! Beginners will find themselves making good use of the quit key!

The graphics are interesting, making good use of colour.