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Pantry Antics
By BBCSoft/BBC Publications
BBC Model B

Published in A&B Computing 2.06

Pantry Antics

The aim of this game is to create havoc while knocking crockery off the pantry shelves. As your energy counts down from 100 in each screen, you have to dodge the flapping birds, bouncing frogs, leaping cats and swooping bats - all of them ready to render your little mouse into a redundant rodent at the blink of any eye.

The pantry comprises five shelves with gaps through which your rodent may jump up or fall through. However, for some strange reason, there are various animals patrolling the pantry of this house and contact with any of them means certain death.

The little animals are very well designed and move about the screen smoothly and quickly, the animation of the bird is particularly good, but the crockery on the shelves are rather boring monochrome characters. Also, sound effects could have been a lot better. This is just the type of game where continuous music would have improved the "feel" of the game.

The general presentation of the game also left a lot to be desired. For a start, there is no high score table and you can only read the instructions once at the beginning of the game. Worst of all, this game becomes rather tiresome and pointless after a few plays. It's not a bad game, but not a touch on the recent releases by other major software houses such as Acornsoft and Micropower.

Shingo Sugiura

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