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Home Computing Weekly

Paint Pic
By Kuma Computers
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #84

This is one of a number of packages available to enable you to create works of art on the C64. This operates in multi-colour mode and supplies a wide range of commands for handling graphics. Commands are available for the drawing of lines, triangles, circles, elipses, squares, arcs and parallelograms with optional fill. You can also form a range of operations on user-defined blocks of screen and include text in your masterpiece. To aid construction of your masterpiece, perspective lines can be plotted.

I found the use of colour rather awkward in that you define the four colours initially and must then redefine the colours in specified blocks as you progress.

I found it difficult to remember which pen plotted which colour, especially when drawing complex pictures. Drawing is via a sprite cross hair cursor and, although preset movement positions were provided, I found movement sluggish and tiresome. Two movement speeds would have helped.

The system uses sequential files to SAVE, making use of pictures in your own programs awkward.

Overall I found this system a little unfriendly and the manual rather woolly, but with effort and patience, you can produce some amazing results.


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