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Paddington's Garden Game
By Collins
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #103

This game should appeal to Paddington Bear fans and may even cause Paddington to gain a few more.

You move Paddington through a series of gardens catching butterflies. The gardens are in the form of a simple maze made up of flower borders. The flowers are poisonous so Paddington must not touch them. Other things he must not touch are the hedgehogs that run around the gardens and the wasps.

He had three lives to catch as many butterflies as possible. The butterflies have names and at the end of the game they are all released.

Paddington's Garden Game

The cassette has a fast load feature and the game can be played from keyboard or joystick. When the game has loaded you get some screens of instructions and away you go. Also included is a poster of a garden. 1 don't think the garden layout on the poster is related to the one in the game although there is a loose resemblance.

I enjoyed playing this. The garden layouts are not too complex but the graphics are nice. Each garden has one or more exits that take you to other gardens and if you're lucky you may come across some marmalade sandwiches which earn bonus points.

The highest score together with the player's name is displayed on the screen so simple competitions can be organised. This is a good value game that should appeal to the younger user.


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