By Elite
Atari ST

Published in Computer & Video Games #83


A trio of Roadblasters games has arrived at the office this month: US Gold's disappointing officially licensed version, Titus' awful Fire And Forget and Overlander, the best of the three.

At the start of a game, one of two missions is chosen - one is more difficult than the other, and is therefore worth more money. Half the cash is given then the mission is completed. Extra money is earned by shooting other road users, which include cars, motorbikes and large 4x4 trucks.

Overlander certainly has more depth than the other two Roadblasters games. I particularly like the way the game has been designed so that the better you play, the more equipment you can buy. The choice of two missions is also a good idea, effectively giving two different levels.


The one thing I don't like is that you have lives - I prefer to rely on keeping fuel levels up to keep me in the game, rather than be dumped out of it because I've crashed six times. Still, it does make the game more challenging I suppose.

The graphics are colourful and slick, and the 3D effect gives a convincing impression of speed. The update is smooth and the hills are very realistic. The car sprite is a little on the weak side, but everything else is nicely drawn and detailed.

Although the game is playable, I think the difficulty level is set a little too high, which may be offputting to some. It takes a lot of practice just to finish one mission, and frustration levels are pushed to their limits as you try time and time again to get to the checkpoint. Despite the excessive difficulty, Overlander is challenging and addictive. The gameplay varies little from level to level, but I don't think that'll stop psychopathic racers thoroughly enjoying the action.

Go for it - if you think you can stand the pace...

Julian Rignall

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