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Your Sinclair

By Atlantis
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Your Sinclair #33


Two days ago the Treaty of Quanton was signed (not really, this is the plot, numbskull) and all land based nukes were dismantled. Now the dreaded moon citadels are being shut down; but, and there's always a but in these games, the most powerful citadel, Galileo, decided that it didn't want to be shut down. Instead it activated its auto-defence system. Only you can shut down Galileo and save the galaxy, intelligent life, civilisation as we know it and Wimpy restaurants. It's all in your hands...

As usual the game is as naff as the plot: you control a little spaceman with a big helmet and must bounce him around five flick-screen levels, bumping into teleport bubbles (!) and destroying Nuclear Towers, while avoiding the deadly UDG aliens and collecting the flashing-square-thingies. There just isn't enough action to make the game in any way gripping, and interest wanes after about five minutes play.

Nat Pryce

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