Othello (Kenema) Review | Home Computing Weekly - Everygamegoing

Home Computing Weekly

By Kenema Associates
Oric 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #17

Also known as Reversi, this game involves the capture of opponent's pieces by reversing them to your colour. The aim is to get more of your counters on the board by the end of the game than your opponent. In this version you can play against a friend, against the computer, or watch as the computer plays itself.

My copy suffered from loading difficulties (even though it was saved at 300 baud) and despite several attempts I couldn't obtain the on-screen instructions without crashing it.

The display is well laid out, but I fear the sound effects are a little overdone for a "thinking" program. ZAPs when reversing pieces. PINGs at the end of a move, and a rising scale while the Oric is thinking.

The computer's thinking time is in fact painfully slow, and to have the computer play itself soon gets very boring. Luckily, a human can intervene at any stage.


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