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Home Computing Weekly

Orc Slayer
By Gamma
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #83

You must find the Magic Runesword and seek and destroy Thorg, leader of the Death Moon Tribe of Orcs.

The title screen disappeared after two seconds display, leaving a blank screen while the main program loaded. Not a good start.

The essence of text adventure programming is providing problems players must solve before continuing. Within two hours, having mapped 92 of the 120 locations without more than a handful of problems, all old favourites, I quite - scoring 36 per cent. Perhaps all problems are in the last 28 locations or the score mechanics are faulty.

There are lots of bugs: wrong exits displayed, responses intended for another pass through the same location appear on the original pass and, occasionally, your legitimate exit is refused, leaving no option but to quit. Spelling howlers abound. Interesting items in descriptions are cosmetic, since the acceptable Examine fails to work. Hearing sudden screams or someone talking, Orcs running past or "you cough", also seem to be without meaning or effect.

This game is poorly written, totally boring, untested and commercially unacceptable. New boys Gamma must try harder.


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