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By Impact

Published in A&B Computing 6.05

Impact's publicity material describes this as "basically a load of balls" and you can see why as soon as you start to play. Across endless landscapes (well, okay, twelve) you have to roll about, collecting plutonium marbles and avoiding patrolling octopodes.

Some fun. To be honest, this is great for a first time game but to suggest that it's anything other than a competent budget title would be misleading. The idea that this is "a novel arcade game" ignores the fact that we're looking here at a hybrid of Marble Madness, Ziggy and that endless series of lozenge shaped games from MRM, which Blue Ribbon re-releases periodically.

This may seem a little harsh. The game, after all, is fun to play and has some neat touches (like the invisible worlds that you have to complete by memory) but I think the game's keen pricing should be even keener. Not up to Impact's usual standard, but I'm keen to see first-time coder Jonathan Temple's next game.

The Electron version is remarkably similar to the BBC one, although it does run more slowly. And there's more jerkiness in the graphics. Scores are the same.

Dave Reeder

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