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Operation Thunderbolt
By The Hit Squad
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3

Published in Your Sinclair #73

Operation Thunderbolt

Operation Thunderbolt is an into-the-screen shoot-'em-up which is viewed from the first person perspective. There's an interesting twist in that the baddies look as if they are shooting out of the telly screen and directly at you. For added realism you can shout "ouch" every time you're shot. If you want to make things even more realistic you could point a toy gun at the screen and shoot "bang", whilst cunningly using the other hand to play the game.

The idea is to shoot absolutely everything on screen except the hostages. You're supposed to be saving them, although the temptation to blast them is somewhat overpowering. Ammo is strictly limited, but more can be picked up along the way. Without doubt, or any form of bias, the best conversion of all 8 and 16- bit games was on the Spectrum. It's quite phenomenal that any home computer can cope with five large baddies, a helicopter or two flying above, and a two-player option. But guess what? The Speccy can. It's fast, it's frantic, it's varied and it's great with two players. It's been cloned but this is the original (well, the follow up) and the best. Cripes - another YS Megagame.

Rich Pelley

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