Operation Stealth

Publisher: Delphine
Machine: Amiga 500

Published in Zzap #66

Operation Stealth

Future Wars was a highly successful release for Delphine and Palace a few months back, winning awards left, right and centre and receiving acclaim from revieweres worldwide. We were told at the time that if we liked Future Wars, to "wait 'til you get a load of the next Cinematique release". Well, the next one is here: Operation Stealth.

Someone's nicked the stealth fighter. However, it's not the stealth fighter we all know and love but one that has been secretly reworked and is even more powerful than the original.

You've just returned from a vacation in Lausanne and enter the office of your boss at CIA HQ in Washington DC. He informs you of the theft of the plane during its test flights in Miramar. Moscow probably isn't involved as the plane is rumoured to have landed in Santa Paragua. An agent is already there and has uncovered some most interesting information. You are required to fly out to Santa Paragua to meet with your fellow agent and help him discover the whys and wherefores of the theft of the most deadly fighter plane on earth.

Operation Stealth

The game begins with an almost-impressive, animated sequence of the theft. 'Almost impressive' as some sections are not as smooth as they might have been and the music (vaguely reminiscent of Psygnosis's Blood Money) is only average.

You, as secret agent John Glames, start the game at Aduana airport armed only with your plane ticket and CIA briefcase.

There's the old newspaper vendor, a la Future Wars, with the old coin on the return box in the first screen. Reading the paper gives a hint as to what country your unused passport should sport to prevent the security guard from arresting you for being an American. The unused passport is in the secret compartment of your case but you have to open it in a secluded, if whiffy, place. Pass the security guard and you can pick up a telegram for more clues as to what to do next.

Operation Stealth

Carry out a few more spy-type actions and you eventually get a message from fellow agent, Martinez, telling you to rendezvous in the park; recognition is to be by means of a red carnation. This meeting in the park is a great little sequence and I suggest you save your game just before it so you can watch it over and over again.

Graphics, Music, FX and animation all wipe the floor with Sierra On-Line's games. And apart from some crap jokes and a few naff French-Anglais translations Delphine definitely beat Sierra at their own game(s). And once you get used to 'Operating' items, such as the ground, to get things done in the game you'll find the system works really well.

You may notice how long Sierra score this month, this reflects how they compare to this superior Delphine/Cinematique game. Perhaps this brilliant bit of competition for their 3D adventures might make them look to their laurels and get them to produce slicker games. Meanwhile, enjoy Operation Stealth, it's great.