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Operation Harrier
By U. S. Gold
Amiga 500

Published in Computer & Video Games #108

Operation Harrier

Welcome back to Rotoscape, Creative Material's alternative use for 3D polygons which was first seen in Rotox. With Rotoscape the action is viewed overhead and rather than having the main character (in this case a Harrier jump-jet) rotating when you choose to turn, the landscape does - disorientation guaranteed!

The object of each mission is usually to destroy an enemy target, for example a hostile aircraft carrier. In order to carry out this mission of destruction you have a large choice of air-to-air, air-to-ground, and air-to-just-about-anything-else missiles with which to cause maximum mayhem.

The enemy also have a few retaliatory tricks up their sleeves, so your Harrier's built-in cannon is just the ticket for wiping out air patrols that have your impending destruction on their mind.

Operation Harrier

Ditching your kite when the going gets tough isn't going to win you any awards. The boss doesn't take lightly to aeroplane wastage of any description and if you're not careful you may be assigned to latrine detail - hardly the treatment a bally hero like you deserves!


This follow-up to the first Rotoscape game, Rotox, is far and away a better game. The actual rotary movement has been expanded to be able to zoom in and out, adding that extra dimension that Rotox lacked.

The gameplay itself is involved and, above all, interesting. There's always something to keep you occupied, be it an enemy squadron or actually seeking out and annihilating the mission targets.

Operation Harrier

My only gripe is that the Harrier is rather sluggish to control, and death is never far away. The graphics (a mixture of polygons and sprites) work very well indeed, but the sampled sounds, though functional, could not honestly be described as exciting.

All in all then, a fine release that US Gold and Creative Materials should be proud of. Be sure to sample its delights.

Atari ST

Not much difference between this and the Amiga version really. Well worth a bash.

Richard Leadbetter

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