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Home Computing Weekly

Omega Probe
By Optima
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #56

There is definitely a vogue at present for 3D shoot-up games. I'm constantly being asked if I've seen this one or that one at the local BBC club and this is another version. It has a great deal in common with Planetoid, the alien shapes being very much the same.

There is an element of speed involved which makes the game interesting rather than difficult. Clearing a sheet simply makes things faster and more difficult: there are no real surprises that I have found.

The only real criticism I have is of the 3D graphics - they are not truly 3D at all. You do appear to be flying through space in the way the background moves. But the aliens and indeed your ship are only 2D, i.e. they move left, right, up and down but not in or out of the screen with the change in size that would demand. The bullets too, only fly towards the top of the screen, never into it.

This is a good, fast and colourful game, which is attractively priced and packaged. Disc £8.95.


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