Computer Gamer

Olympic Skier
By Americana
Commodore 64/128

Published in Computer Gamer #21

Olympic Skier

Here's your chance to try your hand at emulating Jean-Claude Killy, Franz Kramer or Conrad Bartelski or whoever else your skiing heroes happen to be. There are three different events to compete in, slalom, ski-jump and downhill.

In the slalom, you have to follow the course downwards, at the same time, steering your man through a series of gates. Miss one or two gates and you suffer only time penalties. Miss three and t is automatic disqualification. This is annoying as several times I thought that I had passed through a gate successfully only to find that I was wrong. You must travel through the centre and not try to cut corners by aiming for the poles.

In the ski-jump, you must waggle the joystick furiously whilst on the slope in order to gain speed. Then it is a case of pushing up on the joystick to take off and pulling down to land. For those of you who have played Winter Games, this version is nowhere near as good as the ski-jump event in that.

The final event is the downhill. This is just the simple matter of getting from the top of the hill to the bottom in as short a time as possible. There are obstacles to be dodged or jumped and one fall ends your race.

Your performance is assessed for each event and you are given a final rating out of 1,000 together with a sarcastic comment about your performance. This game is reasonable fun if you are a sports fan but nothing sensational.