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Olympic Skier
By Mr. Chip
Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer Games #9

Olympic Skier

If the title of this game conjures up lithe figures zig-zagging their way down sparkling white slopes on a bright, sunny day - forget it!

The graphics are colourful, but very jerky and leave an awful lot to the imagination. The sound consists of a rather monotonous tune, the occasional swish of the skis and a rather vague crashing noise when you take a tumble. This is accompanied by the word "Splat" printed on the screen and in my opinion the word seems to sum up a large proportion of the game.

Your skier (who in my case was definitely not up to Olympic standard!) has three events to participate in, the slalom, ski-jump and downhill.

Olympic Skier

The first (slalom) is dotted with logs and rocks as well as the gates which you have to negotiate to complete the course. Each time you pass cleanly through a gate, you hear what is described in the instructions as a 'ping'. However, if you fail to get through any three of these you are immediately disqualified and go straight onto the next test of skill, the ski-jump.

Crashing into a tree, log or rock, kills you and a rather nice helicopter collects you on its way across the screen, doubtless to pick up other fallen skiers and deposit them on the never-ending slopes of their dreams - hich I suspect are rather better than these.

Anyway, killing yourself immediately takes you on to the ski-jump in which yu pound the space bar or fire button as rapidly as possible to accelerate, and have to take-off and land without mishap. Then you get your rating.

The ratings start off at the worst as Hilarious (which I must admit I achieved rather frequently at first). I finally progressed to Rubbish. Not that it's hurt feelings that make me think this is a duff game.