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Computer Gamer

Olympiad '86
By Atlantis
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer Gamer #19

Olympiad '86

This is an Olympiad with the emphasis on limp. Even at a low price, it's disappointing, especially when Daley Thompson's Decathlon is available on a compilation tape.

The events, in order of play, are weight lifting, canoeing, 200m sprint, skeet shooting and discus. You start off with three chances, so if you fail in the first three events you won't get a chance at the last two. This is why I can't comment on all of the games and I can't say I care.

The gameplay is rudimentary. In the weight lifting and 200m sprint, there is a clock dial with a hand whizzing round. When the pointer reaches the top you have to press a key and this determines your success. Well, that's the theory at least. In practice I found that the maximum point was offset from the top of the dial and, with just one chance at the weight lifting, this is a serious handicap.

The canoeing event is merely a dodgem game. As you progress down the course you have to steer through rocks. The canoe is controlled by pressing a key to go left or right and it's very, very dull.

The game is a rudimentary attempt at a sport simulation and it will probably sell very well - if Video Olympics can top the charts, anything can!