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Amstrad Action

Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #33


Producing a magazine is the primary objective of this game. You are the editor with a deadline looming just days away. If you don't manage to get it out on time then you'll be off to join the millions of unemployed.

There are nine pages to the magazine and each of them must be filled - no creative use of white space allowed. Pages one to three have sub-games. Playing each of the games gains you panels that are positioned on the pages. Bonus panels are awarded too and they can be put onto any of the pages from four to nine. As the panels on a page get filled in you can read them.

The first of the three games is a break-out clone. The bat is at the left hand side of the screen and lots of blocks are positioned to your right. Using the ball you have to clear the screen of blocks. Your bat is armed with a laser that you use to kill the aliens that come towards you. Bonus objects also come on with the aliens sometimes and they give you a special power, bonus panels, bonus points or an extra life. When a screen is cleared, you move onto the next; there are ten in all.

Game two is a horizontally scrolling game where you have to reach the end of a zone. You have a limited amount of power which is drained according to how high above the ground you're flying. Shooting question marks gains you power to reach the end of the zone, of which there are ten. Colliding with anything loses you a life.

Finally, there's a flick screen maze type game where you have to collect letters and avoid or kill the aliens in the maze. Bonus panels are awarded for letters collected.

The graphics are smooth and colourful, but they are a trifle slow, especially in the third sub-game. Sound is limited to spot effects, none of which are outstanding.

Second Opinion

I enjoyed this one quite a bit. The first and third sub-games are very playable variations on well-established themes. The second one is keyboard-smashingly frustrating. There's no one thing that stands out as great about it but it's a competent package, much improved by not reading the pages when you've finished them.

First Day Target Score

Fill three pages.

Green Screen View

Everything can be clearly seen in green.


Graphics 68%
P. Plenty of colour that's used well.
P. Good scrolling on sub-game two.

Sonics 31%
N. Simple effects and no tunes.

Grab Factor 65%
P. The sub-games are simple but enjoyable.
N. The jokes are dreadful.

Staying Power 57%
P. Meeting that deadline will be a tricky task.
N. Game two is very frustrating.

Overall 59%
Lacks a certain sparkle.